Install Julia From Source

Custom built Julia from GitHub

Goal To get Julia installed as a normal user on RHEL 6. Motivation “Julia talks like Python but walks like C.” To do statistics more efficiently. The compiled binaries often contain install scripts which put files to shared folders under /usr. Consequently, they have to be run as sudo privileges. That drove me to start this lengthy Julia compilation. Installation Without sudo privileges, I’ve chosen to compile Julia from source. [Read More]
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My First RHEL Experience

Package installation as a normal user

Introduction This article records my errors and difficulties encountered on the first day I came across Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 in my school’s laboratory, as a normal user without sudo privileges. The login screen was gdm, and the desktop environment was GNOME. IBus was used as the input engine. Packages installed The principal goal is to install tools that I usually use on RHEL without sudo permissions. To do so, I’ve downloaded the executable binaries or source code of these packages. [Read More]
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Copy File and Preserve Path

Two bash solutions

Background While making changes to a theme for a static site generator, I changed files under a Git submodule included in the repo for my blog. (e.g. themes/beautifulhugo) That’s ideal for local testing, but not for version control. As a result, I cloned the repo for the theme to a directory separate from the one for my bloge (say, ~/beautifulhugo), and commit the changes there, then performed a Git submodule update so as to make the workflow clean. [Read More]

PDF Form Printing Error

How to avoid wasting paper?

Background Le Temple du Marais "Eglise verte" means "green church". My churches are going green. Problem → I downloaded a PDF from Haute-Garonne’s government site, filled in the form and saved it on a USB key. Then I printed it at a Konica Minolta bizhub photocopier yesterday. However, only the radio buttons and checkboxes were printed. The blanks were left blank! [Read More]

Flying Grizzly's HTML Form Submission Error

Filling in hidden missing fields

Problem I would like to submit Flying Grizzly’s form. I filled in every blanks and then I clicked the “submit” button below. I was greeted with a MISSING_REQUIRED_FIELDS error within a second. HTML form every entry filled in Staticman v2 server response 500 internal server error { "success":false, "data":["replying_to"], "rawError":{ "_smErrorCode":"MISSING_REQUIRED_FIELDS", "data":["replying_to"] }, "errorCode":"MISSING_REQUIRED_FIELDS" } Discussion The error code suggested that the form fields sent should be inspected. [Read More]
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CJK on Ubuntu 18.04

Support multilingualism on Linux and become plurilingual

Goal To enable Chinese and Japanese input on (X)ubuntu 18.04 laptops . My choices of input method old new OS Xubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop Environment Xfce GNOME Input method Fcitx IBus   Language Method 中文 Rime 日本語 Mozc On my old Fujitsu laptop running Xubuntu, I’ve chosen Fcitx. [Read More]
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Zsh and NPM Setup on Ubuntu

Automate settings with Oh My Zsh

Problem After installing NPM throught Ubuntu’s default apt-get manager, I got permission errors. Though sudo can solve the problem, that’s not the right way in principle because NPM is supposed to hold different versions of Node.js packages for testing. It’s insecure to execute npm with sudo priviledges. Solutions Install Zsh to improve efficiency Grab Oh My Zsh to instal NVM as its plugin. sh -c "$(curl -fsSL" Use NVM (NPM Version Manager) to manage NPM. [Read More]
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Towards Better File Management

Use git-annex like your local library

Le Temple du Marais "Eglise verte" means "green church". Background: 🈶 ⛪ → 🌿 → 📧 In the recent decade, organizations are replacing courrier with email. The reason is two-folded. 🌿 First, the later is more environmentally-friendly. 📨 Second, the later delivers the content to the recipient quick as a flash. 📧 📎 When one sends an email, one sometimes wants to attach a file to an email. [Read More]

Laptop Battery Life

Avoid deep discharges

Main ideas – Ideal energy range for storage: 40%–80% The biggest enemy of electronic parts is heat . Avoid overchanging and unplug AC adapter when charging is complete. In particular, don’t leave a fully charged laptop connected to power supply. This can reduce the lifespan of the battery. Avoid deep discharges: recharge the laptop battery when its enery level drops to 40%. [Read More]

Ubuntu 18.04 Installation on Fujitsu AH557

Ubuntu installation on hybrid system

Objective To get a hands-on experience on Ubuntu installation on a UEFI hybrid system. Devices 120 GB SSD disk: /dev/sda 1 TB HDD disk: /dev/sdb 8 GB USB key: /dev/sdc Stage 0: precautions Ensure that your machine has enough power. Disable Secure Boot in M$ Windows Disable Quick Boot in boot menu Stage 1: Make your live USB key I tried Xubuntu’s built-in disk writing tool to create a live USB key from the official ISO file. [Read More]