Pandoc LaTeX Mermaid on GitLab CI


To provide an open-source alternative to the Docker image escalope/pandoc-mermaid-plantuml, whose Dockerfile isn’t available.

The rationale behind these difficult setup is simple: construct informative Mermaid diagram with intuitive Markdown syntax in an open-source and economic way.

This newly constructed Docker image is entirely on GitLab. No Docker Hub account is needed. For sample usage, consult .gitlab-ci.yml in my test project.


  1. issues raghur/mermaid-filter#51 and #52
  2. issue gitlab-org/gitlab-runner#4566

Useful code/articles

  1. time-machine-project/requests-for-comments@470b0c5 Dockerfile
  2. Reduce Docker Image Sizes Using Alpine
  3. Best practices for building docker images with GitLab CI with the accompanying gist
  4. The code block in the highlighted comment in item 2 of the above section
  5. pandoc installation for Docker
  6. Sample Dockerfile for Alpine Linux in the troubleshooting of Puppeteer
  7. sc250024/docker-mermaid-cli@3c9ddb5 src/puppeteerConfigFile.json
  8. raghur/mermaid-filter project README’s section about Puppeteer config file

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