Math.SE Comment Templates

Here’s a list of common comments for Math.SE newbies.

I’ve posted them on, but I often got typos after updating that page. Without version control, it’s hard to find out the cause of such error.

Questions lacking context

Questions not written in MathJax

Newbies’ combo

Newbies’ pic-question

To avoid excedding the upper limit of 500Β characters, I’ve copied and pasted several comments and combined them into one.

Image posts

Text images / Scanned pages from books

Displaystyle in question title

One question per post

Fractions in indices and exponents

Accept answers

Notify question writer for a $\LaTeX$ edit

Wrong tags

Some commonly misused tags.

Probability Theory

Functional Analysis

Algebraic Geometry

My SQL script for searching old comments

You may execute my comment search by user and keyword by clicking the link.

(Last modified on April 14, 2023)