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In my previous post about LaTeX tables, I used \cellcolor{white} to override the \rowcolor{cyan} in a cell in the leftmost column, which was the column type name.

On Discord, that cell became black because TeXit inverted black and white.

LaTeX table with TeXit problem


I first tried blending black and white, and I found that black!27 and black!28 give a good approximation to Discord’s background color.

Thanks to this Discord Color Palette and a bot command channel on a server, I’ve observed that the desired color is RGB(54,57,62).


To use a RGB color in LaTeX, it’s better to use the packages color and xcolor.

option range
{RGB} ⟦ 0,255 ⟧
{rgb} [0,1]

LaTeX table with TeXit

The code for TeXit can be copied from the previous post, with the following adaptations:

  1. \definecolor{mybg}{RGB}{54,57,62}: you may change mybg to any string. This line should appear before \begin{table}.
  2. \cellcolor{mybg}: use the previously defined color. The mybg here should match your custom name defined in (1).
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