LaTeX Multirow Multicol Table Coloring

Inspiration Number of two-digit numbers not containing the digit ‘8’. Code The standalone class can’t be used with \caption. *{8}{c} means 8 c. >{\columncolor{cyan}}c gives the column color. It \usepackage[table]{xcolor}. \rowcolor{cyan} overrides the column colors. \cellcolor{white} overrides the above two commands. It has to be carried out one-by-one without any fancy package. \multicolumn{n}{<alignment>}{content} defines a multi-column cell. \multirow{n}{*}{content} defines a multi-row cell. It \usepackage{multirow}. It can’t contain \multicolumn. \cline{i-j} draws a horizontal line above the row from column i to column j. [Read More]
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