Network Interface Name Detection in Conky

Once-off Conky config for network graphs

When one changes connection type (say, from ethernet to Wi-Fi), the interface name changes (e.g. eth0 → wlan1). To avoid changing Conky config file all the time, here’s a little Lua function for finding the network interface name. function findInterface() local handle = io.popen('ip a | grep "state UP" | cut -d: -f2 | tr -d " "') local result = handle:read('*a'):gsub('\n$','') handle:close() return result end ip a gives everything about connection info. [Read More]
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CPU Temperature Display in Conky

Background I’m using Conky for monitoring the system. After a system upgrade, the CPU temperatures were gone. Conky’s standard error showed the following. Conky: can't open '/sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/temp3_input': No such file or directory please check your device or remove this var from Conky... Source of message: An easy fix would be to adjust the following lines in .conkyrc according to the number N in /sys/class/hwmon/hwmonN containing the file temp3_input. (You may adjust the number 3 according to the number of CPU of your device. [Read More]
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Animated GIF Screenshots on Ubuntu

Background I’ve to take screenshots to demonstrate Conky’s visual output. I’ve chosen Byzanz after reading this answer on Ask Ubuntu. Peek is more user-friendly, but I prefer CLI’s precision. That’s feasible thanks to a comment mentioning xwininfo. After typing xwininfo, click on the target window. Switching to adjacent workplace is possible. $ xwininfo xwininfo: Please select the window about which you would like information by clicking the mouse in that window. [Read More]