Fujitsu LH532 Thermal Paste Application

Background My old laptop was bought ten years ago. I had never changed the thermal paste between its CPU and its fan. As a result, it had been getting hot during my online tutorials. Photos thermal paste on CPU displaced after ten years thermal paste on fan displaced after ten years dried thermal paste cleaned and removed with isopropyl and kitchen towel I had to look at a previous article written five years ago to confirm the part that I wanted to disconnect. [Read More]

Laptop Battery Life

Avoid deep discharges

Main ideas – Ideal energy range for storage: 40%–80% The biggest enemy of electronic parts is heat . Avoid overchanging and unplug AC adapter when charging is complete. In particular, don’t leave a fully charged laptop connected to power supply. This can reduce the lifespan of the battery. Avoid deep discharges: recharge the laptop battery when its enery level drops to 40%. Reduce unnecessary programs running in background. If your hardware vendor supports Linux drivers for batteries, set the charging thershold to 80%. [Read More]

Fujitsu LH532 Keyboard Cleaning

Keyboard Cleaning DIY

😖 @ 📃! This post contains unpleasant images. If you don’t wish to see them, please view this page with a text browser or a text mode plugin of your browser. Rationale Why? My Fujitsu LH532 has been serving me well as my production machine for almost six years. The keyboard was quite dirty: it’s full of hair and dandruff. I had to clean it for personal hygiene. My dirty keyboard I Hair and dandruff under the keys [Read More]

Fujitsu LH532 Fan Cleaning

Let's reduce e-waste!

Problem Two months ago, the Win* 10 installed on my old laptop crashed with blue screen on startup. Two weeks ago, I created a Xubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit Live USB and set up the dualboot. However, the fan was still giving out consideralbe noise and heat under Xubuntu 18.04 (installed in /dev/sda7). Many end users’ reaction They’ll simply buy a new PC. This had given rise to industrial parks in Guiyu (貴嶼), one of the world’s largest e-waste village. [Read More]