Laptop Battery Life

Avoid deep discharges

Main ideas – Ideal energy range for storage: 40%–80% The biggest enemy of electronic parts is heat . Avoid overchanging and unplug AC adapter when charging is complete. In particular, don’t leave a fully charged laptop connected to power supply. This can reduce the lifespan of the battery. Avoid deep discharges: recharge the laptop battery when its enery level drops to 40%. Reduce unnecessary programs running in background. If your hardware vendor supports Linux drivers for batteries, set the charging thershold to 80%. [Read More]

Fujitsu LH532 Keyboard Cleaning

Keyboard Cleaning DIY

😖 @ 📃! This post contains unpleasant images. If you don’t wish to see them, please view this page with a text browser or a text mode plugin of your browser. Rationale Why? My Fujitsu LH532 has been serving me well as my production machine for almost six years. The keyboard was quite dirty: it’s full of hair and dandruff. I had to clean it for personal hygiene. My dirty keyboard I Hair and dandruff under the keys [Read More]

Fujitsu LH532 Fan Cleaning

Let's reduce e-waste!

Problem Two months ago, the Win* 10 installed on my old laptop crashed with blue screen on startup. Two weeks ago, I created a Xubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit Live USB and set up the dualboot. However, the fan was still giving out consideralbe noise and heat under Xubuntu 18.04 (installed in /dev/sda7). Many end users’ reaction They’ll simply buy a new PC. This had given rise to industrial parks in Guiyu (貴嶼), one of the world’s largest e-waste village. [Read More]