Fujitsu LH532 Thermal Paste Application


My old laptop was bought ten years ago. I had never changed the thermal paste between its CPU and its fan. As a result, it had been getting hot during my online tutorials.


thermal paste on CPU

thermal paste on CPU displaced after ten years

thermal paste on fan

thermal paste on fan displaced after ten years

CPU and fan cleaned

dried thermal paste cleaned and removed

with isopropyl and kitchen towel

I had to look at a previous article written five years ago to confirm the part that I wanted to disconnect.

Baraf Aerocool thermal paste

Baraf Aerocool thermal paste

It has been imported by a German company, and it seems that its supplier is Taiwanese.

The sticker for M$ Win* product ID has been damaged.

thermal paste application

New thermal paste applied

I wanted to apply a little, then use a card to spread it out, but it came out too fast.

Fujitsu LH532 inside

Screws restored

put the screws into the holes before tightening them

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