Fujitsu LH532 Fan Cleaning

Let's reduce e-waste!


Two months ago, the Win* 10 installed on my old laptop crashed with blue screen on startup. Two weeks ago, I created a Xubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit Live USB and set up the dualboot. However, the fan was still giving out consideralbe noise and heat under Xubuntu 18.04 (installed in /dev/sda7).

Many end users’ reaction

They’ll simply buy a new PC. This had given rise to industrial parks in Guiyu (貴嶼), one of the world’s largest e-waste village. I’m so shocked to see that Hong Kong appears on the top of the linked article.

My own way



Open the lid and clean the fan. Here’s a list of YouTube videos I watched before actually grabbing my screwdriver.

  1. Ming’s demo
  2. Geekerwan’s video

I opened the lid and cleaned its inner side. The amount of dust on the fan blades was as expected.

dusty fan

However, I was shocked by the dust which had been blocking the exhaust. This had caused the heat to build up inside the case.

exit blocked

I had seriously thought about replacing the thermal paste due to Win* failure. However, having read Ofey’s article, I’ve decided to leave it untouched.



After two hours of cleaning, my Fujitsu Lifebook now runs Xubuntu 18.04 quieter and cooler.

after cleaning

Safety precautions and remarks

A small amount of electrostatic charges from the door knob or a blanket can put a tiny electronic component into intensive care. To avoid this, grounding the working place is recommneded. Nonetheless, I didn’t use the following tools since I couldn’t bought them.

  • an antistatic mat
  • an antistatic wrist strap (use a wired one)

Use a precision screwdriver set for disassembling your computers since screws of difference types and sizes are found in a computer.

You may see original photos (with higher resolution licensed under CC-BY) in my Flickr album.


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Vincent Tam Ryan Higa

Sorry for late reply. It depends on your model. I don’t think finding a third-party technical support would be easy, since it’s easy to break things, and return is the low for them. So I recommend you search for relevant web pages, or even better, videos, based on your model, or similar ones if you can’t manage to find an exact match.

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