Fujitsu LH532 Fan Cleaning

Let's reduce e-waste!


Two months ago, the Win* 10 installed on my old laptop crashed with blue screen on startup. Two weeks ago, I created a Xubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit Live USB and set up the dualboot. However, the fan was still giving out consideralbe noise and heat under Xubuntu 18.04 (installed in /dev/sda7).

Many end users’ reaction

They’ll simply buy a new PC. This had given rise to industrial parks in Guiyu (貴嶼), one of the world’s largest e-waste village. I’m so shocked to see that Hong Kong appears on the top of the linked article.

My own way



Open the lid and clean the fan. Here’s a list of YouTube videos I watched before actually grabbing my screwdriver.

  1. Ming’s demo
  2. Geekerwan’s video

I opened the lid and cleaned its inner side. The amount of dust on the fan blades was as expected.

dusty fan

However, I was shocked by the dust which had been blocking the exhaust. This had caused the heat to build up inside the case.

exit blocked

I had seriously thought about replacing the thermal paste due to Win* failure. However, having read Ofey’s article, I’ve decided to *leave it untouched*.



After two hours of cleaning, my Fujitsu Lifebook now runs Xubuntu 18.04 quieter and cooler.

after cleaning

Safety precautions and remarks

A small amount of electrostatic charges from the door knob or a blanket can put a tiny electronic component into intensive care. To avoid this, grounding the working place is recommneded. Nonetheless, I didn’t use the following tools since I couldn’t bought them.

  • an antistatic mat
  • an antistatic wrist strap (use a wired one)

Use a precision screwdriver set for disassembling your computers since screws of difference types and sizes are found in a computer.

You may see original photos (with higher resolution licensed under CC-BY) in my Flickr album.

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