Copy File and Preserve Path

Two bash solutions

Background While making changes to a theme for a static site generator, I changed files under a Git submodule included in the repo for my blog. (e.g. themes/beautifulhugo) That’s ideal for local testing, but not for version control. As a result, I cloned the repo for the theme to a directory separate from the one for my bloge (say, ~/beautifulhugo), and commit the changes there, then performed a Git submodule update so as to make the workflow clean. [Read More]

CJK on Ubuntu 18.04

Support multilingualism on Linux and become plurilingual

Goal To enable Chinese and Japanese input on (X)ubuntu 18.04 laptops . My choices of input method old new OS Xubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop Environment Xfce GNOME Input method Fcitx IBus Language Method 中文 Rime 日本語 Mozc On my old Fujitsu laptop running Xubuntu, I’ve chosen Fcitx. This turns out to be a difficult choice when I install Rime. Japanese input Thanks to ひゃまだ, I’ve managed to switch between difference modes in Mozc. [Read More]
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Ubuntu 18.04 Installation on Fujitsu AH557

Ubuntu installation on hybrid system

Objective To get a hands-on experience on Ubuntu installation on a UEFI hybrid system. Devices 120 GB SSD disk: /dev/sda 1 TB HDD disk: /dev/sdb 8 GB USB key: /dev/sdc Stage 0: precautions Ensure that your machine has enough power. Disable Secure Boot in M$ Windows Disable Quick Boot in boot menu Stage 1: Make your live USB key I tried Xubuntu’s built-in disk writing tool to create a live USB key from the official ISO file. [Read More]

Brightness Key on Linux

Adjust brightness on Xubuntu 18.04

Problem One can use xrandr to adjust screen brightness. However, the factor (default to 1.0) is relative to the current brightness. How to enable the brightness adjust keys / on the keyboard under Xubuntu 18.04? Solution Toz’s post on Ubuntu Forum works like a charm. The default value for GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX is an empty string. Changing it to acpi_backlight=vendor and updating the GRUB has solved the problem since the next boot. [Read More]

Upgraded to Linux Mint 19

Thanks to mintupgrade

Rationale My Linux Mint 18.3 installed on Clevo N240GU was a long-term support (LTS) version. Although the official page didn’t recommend an upgrade for its own sake, I still performed it as a result of my conversation with a technician in a computer store. He thought that the display problem in the current version would be fixed in this upgraded version. The old version of Linux Mint couldn’t detect the onboard Intel graphics card. [Read More]

Configure UFW for Hugo

Simple Linux firewall settings for home computers

Easy Linux tips project recommends users to enable their firewall. However, this blocks all incoming traffic by default. If one wants to test the site on mobile devices, one will need to add a few rules to UFW. $ sudo ufw allow ssh $ sudo ufw allow http $ sudo ufw allow https $ sudo ufw allow 80/tcp $ sudo ufw allow 1313/tcp comment "hugo server" I learnt the last line from 竹内電設. [Read More]
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Xubuntu Dualboot on Fujitsu LH532

Convert Ubuntu to Legacy Mode with Boot-Repair

You may skip to the acutal setup. Background After using Win 7 & 10 for six years on my Fujitsu LH532 , Windows 10 often falls into blue screen. Sometimes, it won’t even start up. Give Xubuntu a try Hoping to give a second life to my old , I’ve decided to try this popular lightweight distro. Initial partition setup I followed the instructions from Danatela’s question, including the optional setup of separate /var and /tmp partition. [Read More]