Merge Two PDF to Single Encrypted PDF

Problem I have unprotected input1.pdf input2.pdf and I want to create one single encrypted.pdf. My try I looked up QPDF’s manual and tried the following command. qpdf --empty --pages input{1,2}.pdf --encrypt upw opw 256 -- encrypted.pdf but I got this error. qpdf: unrecognized argument --encrypt (pages options must be terminated with --) For help: qpdf --help=usage usage information qpdf --help=topic help on a topic qpdf --help=--option help on an option qpdf --help general help and a topic list Solution The sentence inside the parentheses says it all. [Read More]

Encrypt PDF on Command Line

Background On M$ Win*, I don’t have dedicated PDF readers like Adobe. During visioconference, one might want to share some downloaded PDFs. Those documents can be part of an ebook or notes. In some situations, they can provide context to a discussion. Problem Under the same folder, you might have downloaded_ebook.pdf personal_info.pdf other_personal_stuff.pdf that you don’t want to expose while streaming. However, each downloaded PDF usually comes with a name set by others. [Read More]

PDF Form Printing Error

How to avoid wasting paper?

Background Le Temple du Marais "Eglise verte" means "green church". My churches are going green. Problem → I downloaded a PDF from Haute-Garonne’s government site, filled in the form and saved it on a USB key. Then I printed it at a Konica Minolta bizhub photocopier yesterday. However, _only_ the radio buttons and checkboxes were printed. The blanks were left _blank_! I opened my PDF and double-checked that I had input the text in . [Read More]