Brighten Image With GIMP

Motivation One loves adding colors to his/her life by adding stunning photos to his/her social media profile. However, due to various constraints, such as weather, budget and time, it’s possible that the photos taken look dark and somber. Eglise St Martine Photo taken at Pont-du-Château, Puy-de-Dôme (63) on 30th June, 2017 Despite a suboptimal choice of camera angle, a right tool enables you to take the best out of the photo. [Read More]

Web Image Optimisation with GIMP

My preferred parameters for web image compression

Why image optimization? To save loading . My old way ImageMagick provides a great CLI utility to convert and compress images for any purposes. However, to -crop images, I have to specify the numbers in pixels. One certainly works much more efficiently with a GUI tool. My new way GIMP can do anything that Adobe Photoshop can do, even saving images for web. In the linked page to this powerful GIMP plugin tutorial, the link for the GNU/Linux binary file is broken. [Read More]