Web Image Optimisation with GIMP

My preferred parameters for web image compression

Why image optimization?

To save loading .

My old way

ImageMagick provides a great CLI utility to convert and compress images for any purposes. However, to -crop images, I have to specify the numbers in pixels. One certainly works much more efficiently with a GUI tool.

My new way

GIMP can do anything that Adobe Photoshop can do, even saving images for web. In the linked page to this powerful GIMP plugin tutorial, the link for the GNU/Linux binary file is broken.

Compile from source code (optional)

Unluckily, autogen.sh can’t recognise the Automake 1.15 installed. I tried following all answers in a related question, but they didn’t solve the problem.

Installation on GNU/Linux

To download it for Debian-based distros, you may search for gimp-plugin-registry in your favourite package manager (Aptitude, Synaptic, etc).

My preferred parameters

  • Max dimension: 1200 px

  • JPEG for photos

    • Quality: 0.8–0.95 (0.6 is OK for huge photos )
    • Smoothness: 0.10–0.15
    • Progressif
    • EXIF data
  • PNG for computer drawn raster graphics


You may view this blog’s @ c2f1299f for details.


compressed file icon
Fujitsu LH532 CPU fan 735 KB 271 KB
Fujitsu LH532 CPU fan exhaust 558 KB 236 KB
Fujitsu LH532 CPU warning 881 KB 312 KB
Fujitsu LH532 Xubuntu 18.04 912 KB 86.4 KB

Icon from oNline Web Fonts.

Computer drawn raster graphics

compressed file icon
rodéo sur cheval 21.1 KB 1.6 KB
rodéo sur moto 56.4 KB 3.71 KB

Icon from oNline Web Fonts.

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