Beautiful Hugo Improvements

Some bug fixes, Font Awesome 5, and more ...

Fixed issue #142 Two weeks ago, Google Webmasters complained about the broken urls in this blog’s Tags page. This was reported by Joakim Vivas as issue #142 half a year ago. Pascal had submitted pull request #165 to fix this. However, he self-closed his PR. Since the last commit by Michael Romero, Beautiful Hugo’s owner, was five months ago, it seems that he has abandonned his project. Therefore, I used Kaushal Modi’s solution to fix this at commit ff536782. [Read More]

Brighten Image With GIMP

Motivation One loves adding colors to his/her life by adding stunning photos to his/her social media profile. However, due to various constraints, such as weather, budget and time, it’s possible that the photos taken look dark and somber. Eglise St Martine Photo taken at Pont-du-Château, Puy-de-Dôme (63) on 30th June, 2017 Despite a suboptimal choice of camera angle, a right tool enables you to take the best out of the photo. [Read More]

Hugo Image Path Refactoring

Make the best of Hugo page resources

Goal To set up a reasonable content structure for my blog. Before Hugo In my old Octopress blog, images and posts were placed under source/images/posts and source/_posts folders respectively. They were so far apart that I needed to use copy and paste the URL’s so as to get them right. As the size of the blog grew, I could hardly retrieve an image without first listing the files in the post image folder. [Read More]

Configure UFW for Hugo

Simple Linux firewall settings for home computers

Easy Linux tips project recommends users to enable their firewall. However, this blocks all incoming traffic by default. If one wants to test the site on mobile devices, one will need to add a few rules to UFW. $ sudo ufw allow ssh $ sudo ufw allow http $ sudo ufw allow https $ sudo ufw allow 80/tcp $ sudo ufw allow 1313/tcp comment "hugo server" I learnt the last line from 竹内電設. [Read More]
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My First Post

Introduction Hello World! This is my new GitLab page powered by Hugo. I’m setting up this blog to practise my math, foreign languages and IT skills. Why Hugo? My original goal is to set up a personal blog for posting math. I used to work with Octopress, but resolving the dependencies and other technical issues had actually took much more time and effort than expected. As a result, I digressed a lot from my studies to look into those problems. [Read More]