Git URL Shortener Exception

A URL lengthened by

Due to limitations on the number of characters imposed by the site owner, URL shorteners are useful for shortening comments containing URL(s). Nonetheless, while commenting on my recent PR for Introduction, I found that GitHub’s URL shortener had lengthened the URL for GitHub’s home page.

github home page short url

Output of "" by GitHub's URL Shortener

A counterexample of GitHub's URL Shortener

Compare these two URLs.

Staticman Invitation is Case Sensitive

A recent invitation error under Staticman v3

HTML and URL links are case insensitive. For example, GOOGLE.COM and give the same address. As a result, after creating my fork of Beautiful Jekyll, I invited @staticmanlab to join my GitHub repo by firing the URL but I got Failed Staticman invitation The case for GitHub user name doens't match Successful Staticman invitation The case for GitHub user name match After matching vincenttam with the case of my user name displayed in the link for each of GitHub repos, [Read More]