Staticman on Framagit

Staticman on Framagit

It’s a pity that some GitLab users have removed Staticman from their repo. I saw demand for Staticman from Framagit users. Therefore, after two days of testing, another API instance for Framagit has been created at (Edit: typo edited, please see my comment below.)

The default GitLab base URL is set to “”. To provide Staticman support for a self-hosted GitLab service, another Staticman API server has to be set up.

I tried applying for OpenShift, but it’s been reported on Reddit that it takes about 10–20 days to get started. Amazon requires verification by credit card. I couldn’t deploy Staticman using Zeit Now’s Node.js server builder. Finally, I turned back to Heroku.

To minimise the mistakes, here’s a list of procedures that I’ve adopted for this deployment. You may view the source code of the public API instance for Framagit for details.

  1. I cloned the deploy branch of my fork of Staticman.
  2. I created a new Heroku app for this clone.
  3. I copied the GitHub and GitLab tokens saved in Heroku config variables.
  4. I generated an RSA key and update Heroku config variable RSA_PRIVATE_KEY.
  5. I created a framagit branch from this branch.
  6. I deployed the app to Heroku.
  7. I tested this deployment by changing the form action URL of an existing Staticman + GitLab demo site. A web developer tool in a modern web browser will be useful for this. Testing is with Postman is even better for debugging, but that requires the installation of the app.
  8. I added a line for using the corresponding Heroku config variable as the gitlabBaseUrl in the API config.
  9. I set Heroku config variable for GitLab base URL as “”, which is the default value.
  10. I repeated step 7 to see that step 9 was working.
  11. I repeaded step 9 with a custom GitLab instance “”.
  12. I replaced the GitLab token stored in the Heroku config variable by the one for Framagit.
  13. I deployed Staticman again to Heroku.
  14. I repeated step 7 to see that steps 11–12 were working.


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