Flying Grizzly's HTML Form Submission Error

Filling in hidden missing fields


I would like to submit Flying Grizzly’s form. I filled in every blanks and then I clicked the “submit” button below. I was greeted with a MISSING_REQUIRED_FIELDS error within a second.



The error code suggested that the form fields sent should be inspected.

  1. Open the Web Developer Tools of your web browser. (press <F12>)
  2. Select Network tab.
  3. Click on the entry “500”, which represents an internal server error.
  4. In the Params side pane, observe that fields[replying_to] has empty value. This is the source of error.
missing hidden field

Missing hidden field

fields[replying_to] empty


Right click on any element of the HTML form and select Inspect element. Under

<input id="comment_parent" name="fields[replying_to]" value="" type="hidden">

inject whatever you like, then click “submit” again.


The error disappeared. After submission, I was redirected to the page. The HTTP status code “302” represented a redirection.

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