Finding Pandoc Logo


I’m writing my guide for preparing simple documents. I hope that users can prepare documents efficiently and the prepared documents look smart.


To help readers get my message in the linked guide, I used many icons from Font Awesome. However, it doesn’t include pandoc’s logo. I tried searching that using the search string “pandoc logo filetype:svg”. Duckduckgo couldn’t find any results. Luckily, Google found many SVGs. The first result linked to a relevant discussion on Google Groups. However, all posts were collapsed, and the desired SVG didn’t show up.

pandoc SVG logo

Pandoc logo found Google search

see below for the link


It was tedious to find out the message containing the desired SVG. Luckily, I found it. However, when it’s diminished, the letters inside were too small to be recognised. As a result, I’ve chosen another logo.

pandoc SVG logo

Another pandoc logo in the target message

see below for the link

Pandoc logos found:

pandoc  SVG 

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