Ten Probably Handy Sites

A brief summary of 10 Incredibly Useful Websites on Medium.

Upword.AI (paid)
summarise stuff
Gamma (free trial for the moment)
get professional slides in min, not open source
IMGCreator (free, point-based)
text/img → img, chatGPT powered
Popsy (free to create, paid to publish)
no-code website buider
Visual Capitalist (free)
explanatory charts
TypeLit.io (free for some œuvres, paid for own book)
type classics out to train typing
Zorp.one (free for trial, paid for deploy)
no-code app generator for businesses, e.g. delivery, store management, doc collection
Kialo (free)
repository for debate arguments, with discussion topology
Nomad List (free limited trial, paid content)
good for remote workers, find remote work opportunities, insights into cities, dating app (that I don’t recommend)
SuperMeme (paid)
AI meme generator

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