Tikz to SVG in VS Code

My little LaTeX Workshop recipe


View SVG graphics generated from TikZ code in VS Code.

LaTeX TikZ coding + SVG preview in VS Code

Compile TikZ code and preview SVG in VS Code

with LaTeX Workship and SVG Preview

Part I: generate SVG using LaTeX Workshop

From the IDE’s parameters tab, I found the tools and recipes parameters. I clicked my user settings settings.json twice: once through the tools, and once through the recipes. Each click generated an array of default recipes or tools. Each of the former is a sequence of the later, which represents a command. The official examples and placeholders are easy to follow. Here’s the two JSON objects that I added.

"latex-workshop.latex.recipes": [
        "name": "SVG (latex ➞ dvisvgm)",
        "tools": [
"latex-workshop.latex.tools": [
        "name": "dvisvgm",
        "command": "dvisvgm",
        "args": [
            "-b 10",
            "-d 2",
            "-o %DOC%.svg",
        "env": {}
  • latexmk is a tool that automatically resolves the compilation dependencies and execute LaTeX and Bib(La)TeX the right number of times. With the -pdf option, it compiles to PDF instead of DVI.
  • the “RC” in latexmk_rconly means “release candidate”. It’s different from “RC” in VIMRC/bashrc.
  • the %DOC% placeholder means the source file’s full path without the extension name.

Part II: preview the SVG within VS Code

The default background color is grey. Imagine having a picture with black x and y-axes. Black objects with grey background don’t look nice.

Luckily, in the VS Code Marketplace page of this SVG preview plugin, I found my desired settings with a screenshot above.

  "svgPreview.style": {
    "html": {
      "background": "white"

I copied that and pasted it below the settings in the previous section in the same JSON file, and it worked as shown in the above screenshot.

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