Combat Procrastination

My notes for a YouTube video about procrastination on one hearing only.


  1. Boring tasks.

    It’s necessary?

    • Yes: Make it fun.
      • Get a study partner.
      • Find a more energetic time.
    • No: Get rid of it.
  2. Surrounding environment.

    • Identify someone who procrastinates in your circle of influence.
    • Distance yourself from them, or
    • Be aware of what their behavior.
  3. Perfectionism

    • Know about yourself.
    • Reality: nothing can be perfect.

Five strategies against procrastination:

  1. Decompose a huge task into smaller parts.

  2. Analyse the environment causing your procrastination.

    Ill feelings arise after procrastinates. Get a more positive environment to get motivation.

  3. Create deadlines and schedules.

    Deadlines create a sense of urgency. Measure success of a task by looking at the respect of the schedule.

  4. Find an accountability partner.

    It’s a coach who holds you accountable for a task. It has to be respectable. It can be your parents, your teacher, your spouse, etc.

  5. Eliminate procrastination pit stops.

    A pit stop mean a place where a racing car has to stop for maintenance in a car race.

    Our pit stops can be smart phones, TV, emails.

    Figure out what’s holding you from your tasks, and eliminate them.

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