Set up GitHub Actions for Beautiful Jekyll

GitHub Actions provide CI/CD support, which might interest many GitHub users. I’ve applied for this feature a week ago. Luckily, my application for the trial was approved by GitHub. Tonight, I’ve found the motivation for making my first step in my forked repo VincentTam/beautiful-jekyll.

My setup:

  1. Clicked on the “Action” tab of the repo.
  2. Chose the workflow file template for Jekyll.
  3. Added a slash / in front of srv in chmod 777 srv/jekyll, so as to fix the “no such file or directory” error.
  4. Added the parameter repository: {your repo name} in the site config file _config.yml.

The action should be successfully configured.


  • Setting repository name by the env variable PAGES_REPO_NWO under name didn’t work.

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