Staticman With Introduction Theme


To port Huginn’s Staticman integration to Introduction.


I’ve used some class names from Minimal Mistakes since the modals in the original code clashes with Introduction’s mobile responsive card display for projects. If I had know the practice of prepending a CSS class to avoid overiding the CSS properties of other components of a web site, I wouldn’t have mixed this Jekyll theme with my template for nested comments.

Due to my existing work on my SASS file for Staticman + Introduction, I had decided to continue working with the class names in this SASS file. Changing the CSS class names in the JS script was easier than doing so in the SASS file since I was more familiar with the former.

In Minimal Mistakes, each comment is contained a big container that uses float: left. The width of each comment has to be accurately calculated so that each comment occupied one whole row.

In Huginn, the datetime of the comment floats on the right, so put it into the <h3> tag for the comment author. However, putting them in two seperate lines seems to suit Introduction better. I’ve made some adaptations to my reply button’s event handler, which makes a simple use of delegated event to simplify the loading of .threadID, .replyID and .replyName into the comment form.

I’ve learnt to use Font Awesome 5 with (S)CSS so that the arrow between the comment author and the reply target name is not linked. The text-decoration: none property of an anchor can be used to disable underlining of a link when mouseOn.

SASS variables helps me a lot in labeling figures with comprehensible words like $avatar-width. This helps the calculations of the comments’ width. Another useful basic skill is to the border. This helps debugging code.

I was stuck as two silly errors during the setup.

  1. Inserted three underscores: comment___content, while there’s only two in Minimal Mistakes, in the main comment but not the comment reply. This tricked me to track the precedence of style rules with Firefox. In fact, it’s just a typo.
  2. Confusion of class names: it took me an hour to find out that I’d omitted -form in $('.page__comments-form').submit(...). This caused the submission of GET requests when the “Submit” button was clicked, and a 404 Not Found error. Hard-coding the type of the AJAX request would result in a 500 Internal Server Error. Finally, it took me another hour to resolve conflicts and to solve the mysterious {"success": false} error.

Voilà the updated PR: victoriadrake/hugo-theme-introduction#119.

Introduction + Staticman UI

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