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While porting Minimal Mistakes and Beautiful Hugo’s Staticman support to Introduction, I searched for “SCSS to SASS” on DuckDuckGo. The search engine returned results on “CSS to SASS/SCSS” or vice versa. The first theme has Staticman code in SCSS. That would fit into the third theme’s directory structure, which puts SASS files under assets/sass. However, SASS doesn’t have curly braces {}. I feared that after hours of tedious manual replacement, the code would fail to run. As a consequence, I conducted such Internet search.


Scared by the error message in the recent failed GitLab CI build of a clone of Beautiful Jekyll, I don’t want to install Jekyll SASS Converter as a Ruby gem.

I clicked on the link to an online CSS to SASS converter. I guessed there’s an analogue for SCSS to SCSS, so I replaced css2sass with scss2sass in the previous link, and this worked!

I’ve finally obtained a desired converted SASS file. However, I don’t know why this file only works locally.


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Wow man! thanks for posting this, even now in 2020 I needed to convert some old project .sass files to .scss and the was the solution that worked.

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