My First Post


Hello World! This is my new GitLab page powered by Hugo. I’m setting up this blog to practise my math, foreign languages and IT skills.

Why Hugo?

My original goal is to set up a personal blog for posting math.

I used to work with Octopress, but resolving the dependencies and other technical issues had actually took much more time and effort than expected. As a result, I digressed a lot from my studies to look into those problems.

I tried using, but typing $latex $ at the beginning of each math expression is so tedious that it breaks the workflow: careful proofread is needed to spot out typos. In addition, the lack of support for display style equation complicates the code. Finding a reliable free host for the full version WordPress is, in my opinion, a mission impossible.

Contrary to Octopress, Hugo is self-contained. I can write math offline from a text editor and post it afterward.

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