Test Staticman

A sample post to test Staticman on GitLab.


Math commentator

Test sleeping bot. To write block equations, use two pairs of $.

f(x) = \int_0^1 g(t) \, dt

$$ f(n) = \sum_{i=0}^n g(i) $$

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I didn’t even know that staticman allowed LaTeX Syntax: $\alpha$ $$\beta$$

Vincent Tam

@Kaligule In fact, Staticman only ships HTML form data to the path specified in staticman.yml. It’s the blog’s theme/template’s job (Beautiful Hugo in this case) to interpret the data, in particular the function markdownify in layouts/partial/staticman-comments.html and (\KaTeX) JavaScript which render the styles and math.

Curious commenter

How does this thing react when the free Heroku node is offline?

Testy Tester

I’ve been trying to setup staticman, but it appears I need to run my own API or use staticlab. Testing 1… 2… 3…