Test Staticman

A sample post to test Staticman on GitLab.


Math commentator

Test sleeping bot. To write block equations, use two pairs of $.

f(x) = \int_0^1 g(t) \, dt

$$ f(n) = \sum_{i=0}^n g(i) $$

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I didn’t even know that staticman allowed LaTeX Syntax: $\alpha$ $$\beta$$

Vincent Tam

@Kaligule In fact, Staticman only ships HTML form data to the path specified in staticman.yml. It’s the blog’s theme/template’s job (Beautiful Hugo in this case) to interpret the data, in particular the function markdownify in layouts/partial/staticman-comments.html and (\KaTeX) JavaScript which render the styles and math.

Curious commenter

How does this thing react when the free Heroku node is offline?